The only sales intelligence tailored for your teams

Ditch old-school sales intelligence tools made to fit the needs of all B2B companies. Take advantage of the only sales intelligence platform tailored to your organization.

Trusted by Leading Sales and Marketing Users Worldwide

Cutting-edge automations for finding your dream accounts

Leverage Immagnify’s cutting edge search capabilities to discover new accounts through technological stacks, buyer intent, practices implemented, official keywords, specializations, etc.

Instantly discover all the relevant stakeholders

Immagnify was created to help you find the relevant stakeholders and decision-makers, and reach them directly while getting past the gatekeepers

Build, manage, share and sync account-based marketing lists

Building account-based marketing lists has never been easier than before. Save enormous amounts of time and frustration by letting Immagnify build your ABM lists for you.

Stay on top of your best customers' job changes

Your most loyal customers and users and your company’s most valuable ambassadors. Keep track of your champion’s job changes to seize the opportunities with their new company.

CRM Integration

Streamline your sales pipeline and push the lists of prospects you create on Immagnify directly to your favorite CRM with the click of a button.

How Immagnify Works

Define your ICP’s or create lookalikes

Let Immagnify’s AI engines know who your dream customers are with every possible detail. From basic firmographics to advanced tech-in-use and buyer intent.

Aligned with privacy standards worldwide

The Immagnify team works hard to ensure that our data protection practices remain aligned with applicable data protection regulations.

We Make B2B Prospecting Fast and Effortless.

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